Our training programme caters to those in the early stages of their advertising career as well as more seasoned agency planners. While ‘Inside newsbrands’ tackles core questions about national newspapers and their evolution into multi-platform newsbrands, the more advanced sessions expand on the effectiveness of using newsbrands to deliver advertising campaigns.

Newsbrands 101 illustration

Inside newsbrands

Our series of free training days are designed for newcomers to the advertising industry and tackle core questions about national newspapers and their evolution into multi-platform newsbrands. The courses are held throughout the year at our office (120 Charing Cross Road) and Wallacespace.

What’s involved

The day is a mixture of project work, discussions and talks.
Typically, attendees will cover:

  • Headline facts and figures about newsbrands
  • Proof of the effectiveness of advertising with newsbrands
  • Nuts and bolts of planning a newsbrands marketing campaign
  • Reasons why newsbrands continue to flourish despite the many alternative sources of news
  • The opportunities created by the move from news print to newsbrand
  • What makes for great advertising in newsbrands
  • Convincing the client – a challenging, fun project that aims to replicate the pressures on an agency needing to convince their client of the value of adding newsbrands to the marketing strategy



60 minutes training

60 minutes with newsbrands

Designed for those who have been in the industry for over three years, this session is particularly suitable for agency comms planners who want to understand more about the advertising effectiveness of multi-platform newsbrands.

Dates are very flexible and tend to take place either at agencies or stakeholders. We usually do breakfast sessions from 9.30-10.30am.

The session includes:

  • Newsbrand market update
  • Attitudes towards newsbrands and other media
  • Why do people still read newsbrands?
  • The effectiveness of newsbrand advertising

If you have a large group who are interested in either of these sessions, or you would like to shape something a bit more bespoke, we would be happy to discuss this with you.