Planning tools


Planning tools

Whether you’re maximising PROI, navigating consumer journeys or getting to know the Great British public, use our bespoke media planning tools to gauge how and when newsbrands should be used in your advertising campaign

Great Britain illustration

Guide to the Great British Public

How do we plan media in an era where disruption reigns? Especially when society has felt so divided in recent times. However, in reality, there are far more things that unite us as people and communities – our beliefs, our values and our attitudes to life.

Use this planning tool to get an insight into how the different demographics that make up the Great British public view themselves, the labels assigned to them, their attitudes towards things ranging from risk to purchase decisions, their concerns and their views on different media.

How people buy illustration

How people buy

We know that the purchase decision journey is a complex one, as consumers have more and more ways of finding out about and choosing brands and products. We have created a tool to help media planners navigate this complexity when planning media campaigns.

With it you will be able to determine:

  • which channels are best at influencing different types of purchase
  • which channels have the greatest influence at the different stages of the purchase journey
  • how different media channels help consumers decide which brand/product to buy.

Finding the medium for your message?

With so many different media platforms available to consumers each one evokes a different response from the viewer.

The data behind this tool allows you to analyse how different mediums (platforms) shape messages in different ways for a consumer, allowing you to decide which ones are right for your campaign.

ROI calculator

PROI optimiser

How to maximise your profit return on investment with newsbrands

We know that delivering the best possible PROI from advertising is top of everyone’s agenda, as profit is fundamental for the success of any business.

We’ve created a tool to help media planners find the optimum level of investment for both print and digital newsbrands, as a proportion of the total annual media budget, for a range of categories and budget levels.