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Useful resources


Useful resources

The websites listed here are our selection of third party sites with information and contacts related to newsbrands and the wider media marketplace.
If you have suggestions of other sites we might include or come across any broken links, please contact us.


Newspaper group advertising sites

dmg media  mailadvertising.co.uk/
ESI Media  esimedia.co.uk
Guardian News & Media  advertising.theguardian.com
JPI Media  jpimedia.co.uk
News UK  newscommercial.co.uk
Telegraph Media Group  telegraph.co.uk/advertising
Trinity Mirror Solutions  trinitymirrorsolutions.co.uk/



Newspaper group editorial sites

dmg media dailymail.co.uk
ESI Media standard.co.uk
Guardian News & Media theguardian.com
Johnston Press inews.co.uk
News UK thesun.co.uk
Telegraph Media Group telegraph.co.uk
Trinity Mirror Solutions mirror.co.uk



International Newsworks equivalents

The Newspaper Works – Australian newspaper industry body thenewspaperworks.com.au
Newspapers Canada newspaperscanada.ca
ENPA – European Newspaper Publishers Association enpa.be
INMA – International Newspaper Marketing Agency inma.org
NAA – Newspaper Association of America naa.org
NNI – National Newspapers of Ireland nni.ie
NNA – National Newspaper Association (USA) nnaweb.org
WAN-IFRA, World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers wan-ifra.org



Industry bodies

AA – Advertising Association adassoc.org.uk
CIM – Chartered Institute of Marketing cim.co.uk
IPA – Institute of Practitioners in Advertising ipa.co.uk
ISBA – Incorporated Society of British Advertisers isba.org.uk
Local Media Works localmediauk.org
MS – Marketing Society marketingsociety.co.uk
NMA – News Media Association newsmediauk.org/Home
PATS – Publisher Advertising Transaction System pats.org.uk
SHOPS – Safe Home Ordering Protection Scheme shopspromise.com



Other information sources

ABC – Audit Bureau of Circulations abc.org.uk
APG – Account Planning Group apg.org.uk
ASBOF – Advertising standards board of finance asbof.co.uk
CAP – Committee of Advertising Practice cap.org.uk
comScore comscore.com
IPA TouchPoints ipa.co.uk/touchpoints
Ipsos MORI ipsos-mori.com
Marketing Week marketingweek.co.uk
Mediatel mediatel.co.uk
Mintel mintel.com
NRS – National Readership Survey nrs.co.uk
Nielsen Media Research nielsen.com/uk/en
TGI (Kantar Media) tgi.kantarmedia.com/international
UKOM – UK Online Measurement ukom.uk.net
Warc warc.com