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Big picture insight studies that look at key themes and issues in the modern media landscape and the influence of newsbrands within that environment.

Beyond reach and frequency

An ongoing project of 20 advertising campaigns, conducted for Newsworks by Future Thinking shows that both print and digital newsbrands have a unique role to play in campaigns. They influence people’s behaviour across the purchase decision journey, particularly when it comes to driving purchase and loyalty. Persuasion is a key strength of newsbrand advertising, which helps to further communicate key messages. These results are from the first eight campaigns which ran between March and May 2018. The results from a further twelve campaigns will be added over the next few months.

What’s the fuss around trust?

Research highlighting that something as complex as trust can’t be measured by a single question. Newsworks commissioned d.fferento/ogy to conduct a combination of qualitative and quantitative research to investigate the concept of trust and how it applies to news media.

Getting closer to the Great British public

How do we plan media in an era where disruption reigns? Society has felt divided in recent times. However, in reality, there are far more things that unite us as people and communities – our beliefs, our values and our attitudes to life. This presents an opportunity for brands and advertisers alike. Together we need to check the labels that we assign to different groups in order to connect more deeply with our audience.

Is the medium still the massage?

Marshall McLuhan’s seminal work is 50 years old. The core insight – that a medium shapes and ‘massages’ the message within it – once shaped communications thinking. Newsworks commissioned a combination of qualitative and quantitative research to investigate its relevance following the digital revolution.

Online mediums have had a transformative impact on news and new hybrid mediums have been created. This has changed how people relate to existing news media sources and had a profound impact on trust. Despite being some of the oldest brands in the UK, newsbrands are also arguably the ones who have best assimilated and adapted to this new world.

Pop goes the filter bubble

by the7stars

In partnership with the7stars, Newsworks looks at the impact of the filter bubble on brand discovery – and how brands are trapped inside and outside the bubble through over-reliance on short-term personalised targeting. The solution is to redefine what relevance means and create new moments of serendipity.