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Projects in this section explore the value of the newsbrand environment and look at the performance benchmarks for newsbrand advertising.

Hard News Project

by Neuro-Insight

Neuro-Insight analysis shows that ads which appear around hard news stories on newsbrand sites elicit more and higher peaks in memory encoding and emotional intensity than ads in soft news stories. The study finds no evidence that hard news stories create dislike – in fact, hard news stories generate a higher “approach” response, rather than a negative withdrawal response. These findings call into question an over-zealous approach to brand safety, for example, through blacklisting and keyword blocking.

Paying for video attention

by Lumen and Unruly

Lumen and Unruly teamed up to cover the ‘where’ and the ‘who’ when it comes to video advertising. Lumen’s work captures the real behavioural uplifts in ad viewing, dwell time and subsequently trust in video content in newsbrand environments (the ‘where’). Unruly builds on this by highlighting the ‘quality of the newsbrand audience’ (the ‘who’). From increases in brand favourability and relevance through to purchase intent and recommendation, regular newsbrand readers are an engaged and valuable audience for advertisers using video.

The value of quality

In partnership with GroupM UK and Newsworks

A large scale and incredibly ambitious effectiveness study, combining behavioural advertising metrics with brand effectiveness measures to assess how advertising works on quality content sites versus the run of the internet. It is a partnership between GroupM UK, Newsworks and all of our national newsbrand stakeholders. The results demonstrate that an exposure to advertising in a quality environment drives greater engagement, better brand response and is more cost-effective than the same advertising on the run of the internet.

Context matters

A brain science study revealing why ads in quality editorial environments are more effective

Newsworks and the Association for Online Publishing (AOP) partnered with Neuro-Insight to investigate the effect of context on brain responses to identical ads.

White paper: The power of context

Research by Newsworks & Magnetic

Newsworks and Magnetic team up to explore the quality context published media provide and how it affects brand advertising, including new analysis of the IPA databank by Peter Field.

Paying (for) attention

by Mike Follet

Mike Follett, managing director of Lumen, demonstrates the advantages of the quality digital newsbrand environment, as evidenced by eye-tracking.

Viewable ads don’t always get viewed, but digital newsbrands provide a quality inventory and out-perform all other sites on attention, getting noticed earlier and viewed for longer.

The impact of site design, number of ads, available formats and relevant content on attention help explain why digital newsbrands deliver 80% more viewable impressions actually seen than non-newsbrand sites.

Attention in a quality environment

by Lumen

Lumen eye tracking research demonstrates the power of newsbrands to capture attention across both print and digital platforms. The findings explore the value of newsbrands’ quality environment and how newsbrand content creates attention for advertisers.