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An in-depth look at the effectiveness of newsbrands’ advertising online in print and online, plus how they work together to maximise ROI


Projects in this section explore the value of the newsbrand environment and look at the performance benchmarks for newsbrand advertising.

Paying (for) attention

by Mike Follet

Mike Follett, managing director of Lumen, demonstrates the advantages of the quality digital newsbrand environment, as evidenced by eye-tracking.

Viewable ads don’t always get viewed, but digital newsbrands provide a quality inventory and out-perform all other sites on attention, getting noticed earlier and viewed for longer.

The impact of site design, number of ads, available formats and relevant content on attention help explain why digital newsbrands deliver 80% more viewable impressions actually seen than non-newsbrand sites.

Attention in a quality environment

by Lumen

Lumen eye tracking research demonstrates the power of newsbrands to capture attention across both print and digital platforms. The findings explore the value of newsbrands’ quality environment and how newsbrand content creates attention for advertisers.

RAMetrics – benchmarking newsbrand ad performance

by RAMetrics

Newsworks has partnered with RAMetrics, which tests hundreds of ads and articles a year across multiple measures, to provide a series of benchmarks that give guidance on how newsbrand ads are likely to perform. We also take a look at how both print and digital newsbrand advertising is becoming more effective over time.